Hi ladies.  I’d like to tell you a story about a young woman who felt invincible……..

until she didn’t. 

Growing up I rarely waived in my identity.  I was strong, confident, a trusted advisor to many and knew that no matter what life threw me, I could, and did survive it.  I was vibrant, athletic and rarely intimidated.  I was sure of myself, my life, and proud of who I was.  This life was fun!  What I would dream of doing, where I’d travel and who I would become was limitless! 


Fast forward several years and you wouldn’t recognize this woman.  Hell, I didn’t even recognize this woman.  I was a shell of myself surviving daily life as a mother of two, working for corporate America and in a very unhappy, dysfunctional marriage.  My physical and mental health were suffering, I knew I had to leave my marriage, but I was scared shitless of what this would do to my kids, and I had no idea how I would survive financially.  This kept me feeling trapped for many years – until one day my dear friend said four magical words to me that changed the trajectory of everything…..”you’re a GREAT mother”.  This was all I needed to hear to know that no matter where I lived or how much money I had, my kids would be ok…..because “I am a GREAT mother”. 


That day was the beginning of my “next life”.  The life where I bravely asked for a divorce.  The life where I no longer subscribed to someone else telling me my worth and became an entrepreneur.  The life where I bought my own house to raise my children, bake cookies and rest peacefully each night.  The life where I rediscovered my confidence, worth, strength and courage.  The life where I now get to work with other women to help empower them in designing their “next life". 


Regardless of what stage of life you are in right now, you deserve to be happy, safe, successful, SEEN, valued and respected. 

So, whether you are contemplating divorce or wanting to work on your marriage.  Work for someone or trying to create your own business.  Single, married or somewhere in-between, I am here for you.  I am here to help bring back that once powerful woman who knew she could do and be anything she wanted in this world! 

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